Welcome to AKZENT Hotel Franziskaner!

Our AKZENT Hotel Franziskaner in Dettelbach is a boutique Franconian hotel with facilities for spa and conferences. 

Located directly on the outskirts of Dettelbach next to the pilgrimage church “Maria im Sand”, it offers highest comfort, loving details, wonderful peace and an enchanting view of the river “Main”. 

Just a few minutes away from the Autobahn, the view shows the idyllic steep vineyards and river beds. 

We are looking forward to welcoming you here very soon! 

Your Dauenhauer family and team 

Our Special Offers to You

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Dining, Dreaming, Drinking Champagne

We will prepare finest gourmet dining experiences for you. Let us pamper and take care of you. Taste the regional variety of Franconian cuisine and ...
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Franconian Christmas House

Let us tempt you into our world of Christmas at the Franconian Christmas House Akzent Hotel Franziskaner.
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Magical Advent in the Main Valley

Enjoy the magical Christmas festivities on the market place in Würzburg in front of the gothic Marienkapelle and the rococo falcon house. The ride with ...
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Christmas in Franconia 5 days / 4 nights

We are looking forward to Father Christmas!
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Welcome to Dettelbach in the beautiful Franconian wine-growing county. Enjoy the Franconian hospitality in our Akzent Hotel Franziskaner. We are looking forward to seeing you!

Our Locations


AKZENT Hotel Franziskaner 

The AKZENT Hotel Franziskaner in Dettelbach is a pretty franconian Wellness-Hotel with a lot of conference possibilities. It is located direktcly at the outskirts of town next to the famous pilgrimage church “Maria in Arena”.  



The AKZENT Hotel Franziskaner in Dettelbach is a beautiful Franconian wellness and pampering hotel with numerous conference facilities, located right on the outskirts of Dettelbach next to the well-known pilgrimage church “Maria im Sand”.


AKZENT Hotel Am Bach

Our AKZENT Hotel “Am Bach” with the pastry shop Café Kehl / Weinstube is idyllically located between the town hall and the parish church in the historic old town. 


Cafe Kehl

Ice cream, chocolates, cakes and pastries from the traditionally run pastry shop and the Dettelbach specialty “MUSKATZINEN”. Since 1686, the Dauenhauer family has been running Café Kehl with a pastry shop in the Eichgasse in Dettelbach, Franconia.



with two unequal towers – formerly knight’s castle of the “Lords of Thetilabach” (1444 – 1774)