Dettelbach - Franconia and Surroundings

In the Main valley, situated directly by the river, Dettelbach presents itself with an almost completely preserved town wall, two large sally gates and many small towers. The narrow alleys and old half-timbered houses invite you to take a walk through the Middle Ages.

A striking landmark is the late gothic town hall, which was built over the stream. The parish church with its unequal towers is visible from afar. In front of the walls of the old town lies the pilgrimage church “Maria im Sand” with numerous works of art from the Renaissance and Baroque periods.

In front of the gates of the city, numerous leisure attractions await you in the ‘Mainfrankenpark’ . Be enchanted by the picturesque townscape and enjoy Franconian hospitality, romance and wine in Dettelbach am Main.

Dettelbach - Time for Romance

In our medieval town you can give your soul some time to rest. Hectic is not the norm here.

With us, you can go on a journey of discovery and experience a time that has passed long ago. With a little imagination you will still hear the clatter of the horse-drawn carts in the cobbled streets and the hustle and bustle on the market square.

The almost completely preserved city wall with its 30 towers and 2 gates, the parish church “St. Augustinus” in the middle of the old town, which is a landmark of Dettelbach visible from afar because of its unequal towers, invite you to stroll around. Above the stream (in German ‘Bach’) “Dettel” stands our late gothic town hall. With its double flight of stairs it is without doubt one of the most beautiful secular buildings in Franconia. In the alleys you will find numerous picturesque half-timbered houses from different eras. The “Muskatzinen”, a spicy pastry, which is only available in Dettelbach, was created especially for the pilgrims. Only a 10-minute walk from the old town is the pilgrimage church “Maria im Sand”, a building of the late Gothic and Renaissance period which is known throughout Europe.

Romance and Wine at the Main

Dettelbach is one of the romantic places that make the Main region of Franconia so attractive. The late Gothic town hall from around 1500, a completely preserved city wall, two age-old city gates, angled half-timbered and baroque buildings, not to forget the pillory at the church stairs, are striking signs of a long and eventful history.

It is comparable to a brittle beauty, which only reveals its treasures and secret charms to the attentive, sincere admirer, if he approaches it with an alert eye and an open heart. It is fundamentally averse to flirting in passing, because anyone who only deals with it briefly will only get to know her superficially.

Dettelbach calls for a lover who takes their time, who walks, roams the alleys. This small town will open its whole heart to them and give them its full charm. It gives the visitor pleasant impressions and awakens longing in them, even passion, which – that’s for sure – will make them return to Dettelbach again and again.